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Polyurea coatings from MM Coating Plus

Polyurea coatings are used both indoors and outdoors. It is used not only for floor markings in heavily frequented parking lots or underground garages, but also for hall floors in the sports and event sector and for waterproof sealing of flat roofs.

Polyurea coating

The liquid polyurea is applied to all common types of material such as metal, wood, concrete, plastic or tiles by means of a hot spray process. Thus, the material and the polyurea form a tightly interwoven bond through the coating. This gives the “liquid plastic” stability and the material all the surface properties of polyurea. These include, for example, good sealing and weather resistance.

How does the polyurea coating work?

Polyurea coating is considered the optimal surface coating in industry, sanitary sector and crafts. In the process, water-impermeable layers are created. Under high pressure and at a temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius, two components are sprayed in liquid form onto a surface. After just a few seconds, the polyurea coating has cured and is thus ready for loading.

Polyurea coating inside and outside

In 2014, companies based on the material polyurea generated global sales of around 46 billion euros. According to a recent study, experts expect annual sales to reach around 67.7 billion as early as 2022.

The material owes this triumph to its many applications and advantages – especially when it comes to polyurea coatings. Especially the combination of flooring and applied polyurea coating is more and more popular in industry as well as in trade, in public buildings as well as in private houses due to its excellent properties such as durability.

Advantages of polyurea coating

There are many points in favor of using polyurea coatings. Even if at first glance it looks as if coatings with polyurea can be used exclusively for floor coverings, thanks to …

  • the absence of solvents,
  • the light resistance,
  • the elastic properties and
  • the general surface finishing

… also cover workpieces or even machines with it. However, one thing must be mentioned at this point. Polyurea coatings should not be applied where high mechanical stress is exerted. Under too high mechanical pressure, even a polyurea coating can be damaged.

Places where polyurea coating is useful

Polyurea coating makes sense in many places especially for safety reasons. This is about the slip resistance and safety from sparks. Ultimately, people in …

  • Industrial buildings,
  • Commercial kitchens,
  • public buildings,
  • Kindergartens,
  • administrative buildings or, for example, also
  • Hospitals …

… move safely and without fear of slipping (work) accidents even sometimes hastily. This freedom gives them a polyurea coating.

Areas of application for floors with polyurea coating

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, there are many others that predestine a polyurea coating for use in certain places. The slip resistance and also the variable thickness of the coating are co-reasons why a polyurea coating, for example, …

  • in public buildings,
  • in commercial kitchens,
  • in canteens,
  • in restaurants, or more generally speaking,
  • in rooms with a lot of public traffic

… is used on a large scale. Due to the elasticity of the polyurea coating, the floors are usually well protected from scratches. The smooth surface is also considered an asset, as it is easy, quick and residue-free to clean. The high resistance to hot water and the optical integrity also speak in favor of large-scale use of a polyurea coating.

Worldwide operational readiness

We are a multinational company and are available to our customers as a partner for polyurea coatings at many locations at home and abroad:

  • Nationwide
  • Benelux countries
  • EU Wide
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Asia