PU Polyurethane

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PU Polyurethane

Pure plastic with many outstanding material properties for industry, commerce or private homes – that is polyurethane, or PU for short. But not all polyurethane is the same. PU is the collective term for some materials from the group of polymers. The respective structure may differ.

PUR virtually offers a land of adventure for all those who do not want to do without the diverse properties of this material, both in the company, in leisure and sports facilities and in private households. Polyurethane is most associated with its potential applications as a high quality and always elastic floor coating in industrial, commercial, agricultural or public buildings. But PU, i.e. polyurethane, is also being found more and more frequently outside these unquestionably product-defining areas of application. Sales in this industry run into the billions every year. There is currently no end in sight to the polyurethane boom.

What exactly is PU polyurethane?

The diversity of PU polyurethanes is due to the different bond types at the molecular level. These include ester, urea, allophanate, ether and amide bonds. The material properties of these polyurethanes also differ in the choice of isocyanate and polyol. Depending on this, PU polyurethane can be either brittle and hard, or soft and elastic. In addition to these dispositions, polyurethane can also be applied smooth or foamed.

Areas of application for PU polyurethanes

As different as the properties of PU polyurethanes already listed above can be, as extensive are the application possibilities of this extraordinary material. As a flexible foam, PU can be used for seat cushions in comfortable upholstered furniture and in car seats. As a rigid foam, polyurethane performs well as an insulating material, especially in the construction industry. The construction industry also uses PU as a sealing material for concrete joints.

Polyurethanes are also found in many other areas of everyday life. Thus, they are used for …

  • Footballs,
  • Shoe soles,
  • Instrument panels,
  • Faux leather,
  • Sealings or also for
  • Condoms

… used. As a reinforcing measure for components, they are also combined with carbon or glass fibers.

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