Polyurethane roof coating

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Polyurethane roof coating

Coating a roof with polyurethane minimizes the effects of wind and weather both on the roof itself, its internal structure and, ultimately, on what is under the roof.

In the case of industrial flat roofs, for example, there are usually warehouses or production facilities directly below the roofs. In both cases, the uncontrolled ingress of water would often severely disrupt the processes there. In addition, this seepage also interferes with the structural integrity of the masonry and roofing and can lead to decomposition and/or mold growth.

Roof challenges

Roofs are usually the part of a building most directly affected by weather phenomena. Polyurethane as a roof coating protects, for example, against …

  • the effects of direct sunlight,
  • pattering rain,
  • freezing snow,
  • blistering heat or even against
  • hard frost.

The polyurethane roof coating creates a waterproof and moisture-proof surface. The use of polyurethane on flat roofs is not a problem for the material. However, the more oblique the angle becomes, the more you should refrain from using it. Those who nevertheless do not want to forego the advantages of a polyurethane roof coating should think about using a thixotropic agent, which increases the viscosity, i.e. the viscosity, of polyurethane.

Mechanical stress of a flat roof

If you also use your flat roof as a storage area for, for example, pallets with a load on them, you should bear in mind that a polyurethane roof coating cannot guarantee the ability to withstand a prolonged high weight load.

Tight roof – no water damage

A roof coated with polyurethane has the great advantage of repelling all kinds of liquids and keeping the building underneath absolutely tight. This not only prevents mold as mentioned above, but also prevents water from seeping into the smallest gaps, especially in warmer winters. This otherwise threatens to freeze due to night frost. During this process, it expands and can burst entire walls.

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