Polyurea coating

Polyurea coatings belong to the latest generation of plasticizer-free and sprayable plastic coatings.

for agricultural

Advantages for agriculture due to a polyurea coating

for cars

Cars, commercial vehicles or loading areas

for concrete

for road marking

For vehicles

for outdoor pools

for wood

for industry and construction

for sewage treatment plants

for plastic

for food industry

for metal

for pools

for pipelines

for swimming pools

For tanks

for water slides

as corrosion protection

Polyurea coating

Extensive” is a very good description of the number of applications for a polyurea coating. Polyurea was originally developed as a protective coating for surfaces specifically in the construction industry. Due to further developments and always new ideas of application, polyurea coatings are nowadays also used for noise damping, corrosion and wear protection as well as for surface finishing.

Polyurea coatings are even used for sealing within piping systems in both the chemical and petrochemical industries. In conjunction with vehicles, coatings with polyurea are also used in designated parking areas as well as in driven tunnels.

As a preventive measure, polyurea coatings can help to reduce costly and time-consuming disadvantages in advance.

Advantages of polyurea coating

Polyurea is a popular and widely used material because of its many advantages, which are reflected in the material properties. The benefits include …

  • the high load capacity,
  • the 100 percent tightness,
  • the crack bridging,
  • the impermeability in the case of chemical toxins and also
  • the short curing time.

With polyurea coatings, there is generally also the fact that the material contains no solvents and is virtually odorless. The layer thickness can be perfectly adapted to the customer’s wishes and the legal requirements. The polyurea coating adheres excellently to all commercially available substrates.

Selection of applications for polyurea coatings

The coating with polyurea is widely used. Their areas of application are even expanding as new surfaces are constantly being invented and combined with polyurea. Currently, a polyurea coating …

  • on flat roofs,
  • on industrial floors,
  • in parking lots
  • for bridges,
  • for water tanks and other tanks,
  • for the mentioned pipelines,
  • for fuel tanks,
  • at wastewater treatment plants,
  • for sewage manholes,
  • for loading ramps or even
  • for aquariums

… taken here. The use on flat roofs should be emphasized again here, as this is most common in industrial buildings. Tightness is an important production and safety standard here. The polyurea coating is absolutely impermeable to liquids.