Polyurethane floor

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Polyurethane floor

Soil problems can cripple an entire operation. Whether it’s potholes, floor cracks or other defects, floors should give people and vehicles a firm, sure-footed and non-slip footing. In addition, the subsoil (groundwater) should be protected from harmful influences.

Polyurethane strengthens many positive properties of soils by its own. Synthetic resins such as polyurethane are used in industry, agriculture and many other areas as a safe and, above all, dense floor coating. Polyurethane can be applied to floors either in the new construction phase, as well as in a subsequent renovation phase.

Useful applications for polyurethane floors

Floors with a coating of high-quality polyurethane are highly sought after not only in industry and agriculture. The material properties of polyurethane such as …

  • jointless laying,
  • high tightness,
  • high elasticity and for example also
  • the fast curing time

… make it the perfect cover for many different applications. Companies with a long-term plan for their maintenance budget greatly appreciate the durability of floors with a polyurethane layer. Nowadays, a polyurethane floor can be found, among other …

  • Industrial complexes,
  • agricultural warehouses,
  • Breweries,
  • Filling systems,
  • Sanitary areas,
  • Commercial kitchens,
  • Wet areas,
  • Retail space,
  • public buildings or also in
  • Baking operations.

Polyurethane floors in new buildings and renovations

As briefly mentioned above, polyurethane can be applied to floors either for preventive protection in the new construction phase, or for repairing acute floor damage such as potholes even in the case of rehabilitation. The rapid curing time allows the damage to be worked away without major intervention in a company’s production or logistics processes.

Preventively applied polyurethane no longer interferes with internal processes in retrospect; above all, its product properties can also contribute to day-to-day operational safety. Also in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, retirement homes or other public buildings such as offices, coating a floor with polyurethane allows, for example, slip-resistant or noise-suppressing substances to be incorporated into the coating. Polyurethane protects – children, workers and also groundwater.

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