Polyurea loading area coating

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Loading area coating with polyurea

Just about anything can end up on vehicle beds – groceries in bags, road salt, wooden pallets, concrete, gravel, crates of drinks, or even heavy goods if you drive a truck that weighs tons. Daily use leaves its mark. These scratches and dents can open the door to moisture and other substances. Oxidation can thus cause rust to form under the surface.

The loading area coating with polyurea can effectively prevent this damage. It’s not just private vehicles or trucks, vans and pick-ups from haulage companies that the polyurea coating of the loading area can help. Public service vehicles and especially rental vehicles also benefit.

Coating winter service loading areas with polyurea

The winter road clearance service ensures that icy and snow-covered roads are made passable again for traffic. For this task, he scatters, among other things, rolling chippings (small, sharp-edged stones) as well as salt. The mechanical abrasion on the loading area of gritting vehicles with rolled grit, just by the movement of the vehicle, is enormous. The conglomerate, which weighs tons, scratches across the paint like sandpaper. In the case of road salt, the effects of chemical decomposition processes are added to this mechanical stress. Salt “eats” into normal paint. Oxidation, rust and pitting are the consequences. A polyurea coating of the loading area here can significantly extend the life of winter service vehicles.

Rental vehicle coating

It is not only public winter service vehicles and private pickup trucks that benefit from a loading area coating with polyurea. The vehicle fleet of rental car providers in particular can derive financial benefits from this on a large scale – keyword maintenance. As carefully as most people handle their private vehicles, the handling of rental vehicles sometimes seems careless. Especially vans, semitrailers or trailers of a rental car company can be made more damage resistant by coating them with polyurea. The impact resistance increases, the probability of scratches decreases.

In addition, the coating with polyurea on the loading surface increases slip resistance. This means that the load stays more in place and suffers less damage from tight turns or fast braking.

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