Polyurea coating for agricultural

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Polyurea coating for agricultural

Hay should remain dry. Livestock such as cows, pigs or chickens should be kept on well coated stable floors for the sake of the animals and the consumer. A polyurea coating manages to create these conditions for storage and keeping on farms and large agribusinesses.

The 100% tightness of the floor produced via the polyurea coating not only protects the stored goods, but also the floor and the water circuit underneath. Over a floor covering sealed in this way, no more material can inadvertently penetrate the subfloor. The groundwater of farms or in agricultural businesses, vital for people, animals and plants, is optimally protected via polyurea coatings.

Advantages of a polyurea coating in the agricultural sector

An agronomist who chooses to coat the floors and other surfaces on his farm can enjoy several benefits of this floor finish. These include, for example, …

  • the protection against abrasion (less dust),
  • the protection of the soil from chemical influences (excretions),
  • the insulation of the floor,
  • the impact resistance of the floor,
  • the elongation strength of the refined surface,
  • the repair of concrete cracks possible over it,
  • the addition of color pigments for floor marking,
  • the corrosion protection as well as
  • the 100% dense surface.

One of the most interesting advantages of a polyurea coating for agronomists is the impact resistance of the floor. So you can also work with machines on these floors without damaging them.

Applications of a polyurea coating in agriculture

Experts see many suitable applications for polyurea coatings, especially in the agricultural industry. In stables, this insulates and seals not only the floors but also the walls. On the one hand, this can help save heating costs, and on the other hand, it prevents the formation of mold. In farm storage facilities for solids such as grain products or forage hay, a polyurea coating can help maintain the necessary microclimate for storage. In transport boxes for animals, a polyurea coating can facilitate subsequent cleaning and minimize wear. Tanks as well as slurry storage facilities become perfectly tight thanks to a polyurea coating and can thus comply with environmental regulations.

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