Polyurea coating for agriculture

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Polyurea coating for agriculture

In today’s agriculture, animals and plants are not only nurtured and cared for, they are above all kept, fed, transported and stored according to regulations. Polyurea coatings are often used in agriculture to seal the necessary equipment, buildings and means of transport so that no substance can seep through.

This method of floor and surface finishing can be used to seal concrete, metal, wood, screed or even OSB boards on farms or other agricultural operations. This allows farmers, for example, to create a consistently high soil quality throughout the farm. Specialists in this technique of floor finishing always plan together with the client.

Advantages for the farmer of a polyurea coating

In agriculture, whether small-scale or industrial, surfaces such as floors, walls or those on machinery are usually subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Here, a secure and impact-resistant seal provided by a polyurea coating manages to save farmers money through lower maintenance costs. Insulating walls is also a good way to save on heating costs in the barn or other parts of the building.

For daily work, it is advantageous in agricultural operations if polyurea coatings make floors impact resistant. This saves high refurbishment costs later on. If, for example, concrete floors in stables or warehouses already show cracks, a polyurea coating can effectively repair them. Due to the material properties, the polyurea coating, where applied, can increase the elongation strength.

Fields of application of a polyurea coating in agriculture

In addition to stables, a polyurea coating also finds useful application in many other areas of agriculture. Depending on the orientation of the farm, a polyurea coating can be helpful …

  • for milking systems,
  • in slaughter and processing rooms,
  • for well rehabilitations,
  • in the coating of ramps and loading areas,
  • as corrosion protection,
  • for waterproofing in contact with water,
  • for drinking water tanks,
  • for wood coatings

… and for numerous other applications. Consultation with, or advice from, a polyurea expert may reveal other uses for a polyurea coating in agriculture.

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