Polyurea coating for cars

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Polyurea coating for cars

As the favorite child of many men, but now also of many women, the automobile leads a good “life” in Germany. And precisely because we are a country of frequent drivers, cars are subject to a great deal of wear and tear. In order to keep these signs of wear to a minimum, it has become common practice to coat the vehicles and especially certain sensitive components with a polyurea coating.

In addition to the effects of the weather, car care can be the main cause of damage to certain surfaces. The mechanical action of lamellas in a car wash, for example, does not distinguish between dirt and the uppermost layers of paint. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the source of wear is rain, hail, corrosion or car washing – a polyurea coating for cars drastically reduces abrasion on certain car parts.

Advantages of polyurea coating for cars

Finally, most users coat their vehicles with a protective polyurea coating on the visible surfaces. This is not only intended as a “simple” rust protection, although it also does an excellent job at this, but also offers protection against many other things – for example, the surface is so …

  • UV resistant,
  • weather resistant,
  • insensitive to moisture,
  • resistant to abrasion,
  • temperature resistant and
  • particularly impact resistant.

No matter where you wash your car, very harsh detergents are often used in the process. These harsh cleaning agents can also attack the paint. A polyurea coating protects the car from these effects.

A polyurea coating protects against rust on the car

Polyurea coatings for cars provide thorough corrosion protection. Thus, rust usually has no chance to damage the car unnoticed. Rust not only looks unsightly, it also reduces the value of the car. In addition, it affects driving safety. Especially …

  • Gas cap,
  • Fender,
  • Sill,
  • Entrances,
  • Doors,
  • Trunks,
  • Door handles,
  • Exhaust systems and
  • the A, B and C columns …

… are affected. Polyurea coating protects the car.

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