Polyurea coating for industry and construction

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Polyurea coating for industry and construction

State-of-the-art polyurea coating technology meets the relevant standards of the industrial and construction sectors both by the material, its functional parameters and by the application techniques. In the process, they like to work together a lot for mutual benefit in flat roof renovation, for example. Other possible applications include the coating of floors or even in the construction of animal enclosures and water landscapes.

Polyurea coating processes in industry and construction

The application of polyurea for industrial and construction purposes is made by means of three different processes.

  • Joint casting: In this process, polyurea is applied by casting under ambient conditions.
  • The hand application: this technique is used in areas that are considered heavy-duty systems.
  • Spray application: The polyurea is applied rapidly under high pressure and temperatures. The curing time is extremely short.

In general, it can be said about polyurea that it cures very well and, above all, very quickly on cold surfaces in construction, in industry and also away from it. One of the advantages of this rapid reaction is that, should there be wetness on the surface, the fast-curing polyurea does not usually react with it.

Fields of application of a polyurea coating

The construction industry has increasingly relied on this building material since the invention of polyurea. Since the material not only seals, but can also be applied to bridge cracks, for example, it is used where floors are protected and simultaneously renovated on the one hand, and on the other hand in places through which no liquid (water, chemicals) may penetrate. Some examples of applications where polyurea coatings are used are …

  • the construction of bridges,
  • the facade and roof waterproofing,
  • the building waterproofing,
  • the sealing of OSB boards as well as wood-based materials,
  • Parking garages, garages, ramps and loading areas,
  • Sewer manholes,
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants,
  • Biogas plants,
  • Cooling towers,
  • in water protection,
  • at sports facilities,
  • in swimming pools,
  • on playgrounds or also in
  • Waterscapes.

Polyurea is perfect for use in industry and construction.

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