Polyurea coating for concrete

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Polyurea coating for concrete

Without the material concrete, modern cities and their constant growth are no longer imaginable. Industry and commerce also build firmly on and with concrete. In the meantime, the versatility of this mixture of the binding agent cement, an aggregate and added water has been recognized.

However, since concrete can also be brittle in itself, experts have actually been trying for more than 1,000 years to give this building material more elasticity and at the same time make it even more resistant. The answer to their aspirations is polyurea coating for concrete.

Where is concrete used?

Concrete has become firmly entrenched in all corners of our everyday lives. The three main areas that rely more than ever on concrete today are building construction, civil engineering, and road construction and civil engineering. In building construction, steel structures are gaining ground, but concrete is far from being obsolete. For example, nothing replaces concrete when it comes to a solid foundation.

Areas of application for concrete include …

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants,
  • Road tunnel,
  • Bridges,
  • Railroad tunnel,
  • Floors for industrial assembly halls,
  • Streets,
  • Sewer systems,
  • Runways at airports,
  • Stream obstructions,
  • Sound barriers or also
  • Slope stabilization.

The areas of application for concrete also include things for private use. Here, paving stones for the garden or the use as a material for artists are just two examples.

Refinement of concrete with a polyurea coating

To make this material even more durable and provide it with new properties such as higher elasticity and particularly good resistance to chemicals, many users opt for a polyurea coating for concrete.

The surface of the concrete is additionally very well protected against impact damage by the polyurea coating and it is very easy to clean the floor due to the smooth surface. In addition, a polyurea coating on concrete reduces material abrasion and thus dust formation. It is important that the coating also serves as corrosion protection and makes concrete weatherproof.

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