Polyurea coating for marine applications

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Polyurea coating for marine applications

Sailing ships, yachts, rowboats or even cruise ships are constantly at the mercy of wind, weather and (salt) water either at sea or on another body of water. In addition to the chemical processes that can affect the hull, deck and all other parts of the ship, mechanical stresses also act on the individual parts. In order not to be forced to make havers from the effects of these stresses, owners should think about sensible corrosion and wear protection.

Polyurea coating of a ship or boat is a viable way to extend the life expectancy of parts such as ship decks or entire yachts. A polyurea coating effectively protects marine from the effects of water, salt, most chemicals, and wind and weather.

Protection of vessels from climatic requirements by a polyurea coating

Polyurea coating can arm the various types and shapes of boats and ships for heavy use at sea. The rapidly proceeding coating of the watercraft protects, for example, the deck. Whether against …

  • Rain,
  • Sun,
  • Snow,
  • Heat,
  • Frost,
  • Water,
  • strong wind,
  • Pisces,
  • Algae or
  • Chemicals

… – a polyurea coating is like armor for the ship.

Even areas that already show cracks due to continuous stress from algae growth, frost or gusts of wind can be sealed with polyurea. This usually makes the refurbishment and renovation of a ship more cost-effective.

Ship deck coating

Most often, the spraying method is used by professionals to apply the coating. The work steps do not take long. The polyurea coating is UV stable. This often plays a decisive role in ships due to the lack of shade. In addition, the polyurea coating can be combined with all standard RAL colors. Thus, the variety of colors is guaranteed. The material not only overcomes small fractures and cracks, but is also particularly ductile (300 – 600%). It can also be used on metal, wood and many other surfaces. A polyurea coating is also extremely temperature-resistant – this generally applies from -30 °C up to +120 °C.

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