Polyurea coating for metal

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Polyurea coating for metal

It has been impossible to imagine industry or everyday life without metals for many years. It is therefore all the more important that the metals used last a long time and that their surfaces are well protected against corrosion or even mechanical stresses such as impacts.

In addition to surface protection, the sealing of metals is important. A polyurea coating for metals thus offers protection not only to the metal itself, but also to all those things that surround it. The advantages of the material correspond to those of polyurea – in particular, the stability of the metal is combined with the elasticity of the mixture of isocyanate compounds and aliphatic amines. Brittle metal thus also acquires a certain degree of crack resistance.

Which metals does a polyurea coating protect?

Physicists consider everything about hydrogen and helium to be metals in the periodic table of elements. Materials specialists skillfully refine this definition. Meanwhile, there are not only “naturally” occurring, pure metals, but also a myriad of different alloys. Each of them has its own and special properties. Metals and alloys, however, should be protected from external influences during regular operation in industry or even in everyday life. A polyurea coating helps to …

  • Aluminum,
  • Steel,
  • Iron,
  • Copper,
  • Tin,
  • Zinc

… and many other metals from corrosion or the like.

Polyurea coating protects metals from these dangers

The listed metals are protected by the coating from certain environmental influences of chemical, mechanical or even physical nature. These include, among others …

  • Rust,
  • Embrittlement,
  • Strokes,
  • Abrasion or also
  • thermal damage.

Applications of polyurea-coated metals

Metals are used in countless areas. Nowadays, metals are …

  • in cold stores,
  • in the food industry,
  • for metal roofs,
  • as wear protection,
  • for the construction of houses,
  • in building construction and civil engineering,
  • in road and bridge construction,
  • for animal transporters or also
  • for metal tanks

… used. Polyurea coatings are also used to seal metal components.

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