Polyurea coating for outdoor pools

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Polyurea coating for outdoor pools

When the thermometer rises, outdoor pools become veritable pilgrimage sites. Withstanding these masses of people is often a mammoth task for outdoor pools. There are many different surfaces in outdoor pools. The pools are either tiled or concrete. The edges of the pool are usually made of a different material, because the properties must be different. And the ever-popular water slides, their launch platforms, and the many diving towers are said to be one-slide, one-slip.

These are requirements for a surface design, which can be obtained in this width especially by the different properties of a polyurea coating. When other coatings are attacked by the chlorine often used, the polyurea coating remains stable here.

Requirements for polyurea coatings in outdoor pools

In an outdoor pool or fun pool, you can find swimming pools and pools, as well as canals, lagoon landscapes or even slides. These and the respective edges are nowadays coated with a polyurea coating for safety and design reasons.

In some cases, the requirements differ enormously. The slippery properties of a polyurea coating for a fun slide would be devastating for a poolside floor. If someone slips there, it can have very serious health consequences. Thus, polyurea coatings for pool edges in outdoor pools are slip-resistant and slip-proof.

The difference is made in each case incorporated components such as granules, which guarantees a high level of slip resistance.

Advantages of polyurea coating in outdoor swimming pools

The already mentioned advantages of a polyurea coating for outdoor pools can be extended. Besides the adaptation to the direct needs of people (fun and safety at the same time), the protection of the surroundings, the environment and the purity and integrity of the water are very important for outdoor pool operators. Polyurea coating inside the basins and the basin edges creates …

  • insulation (lower heating costs),
  • a corrosion protection (lower maintenance costs),
  • a protection against internal as well as external chemicals,
  • Abrasion protection (protection against damage to the fragile pumping equipment) and
  • an impact and slip resistance.

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