Polyurea coating for pipelines

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Polyurea coating for pipelines

They connect tanks, transport liquids and powders, and regulate the flow rate of media through different thicknesses – pipelines. Due to their wide range of applications, pipelines must be able to withstand many influences on both the inside and outside walls.

Polyurea coating for pipelines manages to provide high chemical and mechanical resistance for the walls of the pipes. Especially the seams at flanges or at welded transitions are always a weak point due to their slightly unreliable tightness, which can be remedied with a polyurea coating both inside and outside.

Polyurea coatings seal pipelines

Pipelines carry fluids at mostly high velocities. The chemical and physical effects can cause pipes to gradually corrode. “Constant dripping wears away the stone,” as the saying goes. The same applies to pipes. Even a micro-crack, a so-called hairline crack, is enough for damage to form that is not visible from the outside.

This can be prevented by including a polyurea coating for piping in your maintenance and procurement budget. Coated piping systems promise …

  • a jointless protection against mechanical abrasion,
  • a high chemical resistance and
  • a good resistance to heat.

Advantages of a piping system coated with polyurea

Both for the acquisition of new piping systems and for their rehabilitation, it is advantageous to deal precisely with a polyurea coating and its advantages. You should be clear about whether through the lines …

  • Oils,
  • Gasoline,
  • Diesel,
  • Kerosene,
  • Acids,
  • Bases or
  • Powder

… stream. In these cases, a polyurea coating offers a good combination of abrasion resistance, high hardness and yet good flexibility and thus protection against mechanical damage. One should especially keep an eye on the unconscious predetermined breaking points. These are the welds – especially on the flanges. The screw connections are usually not the problem here, rather the seams, as they often have micro-holes. Sealing them with a polyurea coating considerably extends their service life.

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