Polyurea coating for plastic

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Polyurea coating for plastic

Obtained from the finite resource of crude oil, plastic is one of the mainstays of industrial development. However, since humans turn a large portion of crude oil into fuel and burn it, it is essential today, and will be especially so in the future, to make existing plastics long-lasting.

A crucial building block in this construct of longevity is the polyurea coating for plastics. Among other things, this coating ensures that plastics are protected against the effects of weathering and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. Due to the fast curing time of the polyurea coating, coated plastics can quickly resume their service.

Polyurea as a protective coating for plastics

Plastics form the basis for a wide range of products. A polyurea coating now ensures that these products are protected from the effects of wind and weather and resistant to abrasion, and that they shine with an outstanding appearance. Polyurea coating also allows used products to shine in new splendor through reconditioning (product refurbishment) and enjoy the excellent properties of a coating – keyword “wear protection”.

The polyurea coating ensures that plastics are especially resistant to chemicals such as acids and alkalis. This is a good way to finish plastic vessels or even plastic piping. Nowadays, plastics are used among other …

  • in silos,
  • on truck and van beds,
  • in model making,
  • in food plants for cold storage or even
  • at fairgrounds for amusement rides

… used.

Polyurea coatings protect

Polyurea coatings serve as a kind of protective sheath for plastics, protecting them from a variety of adversities. Among them …

  • Wind,
  • Hail,
  • Snow,
  • UV radiation,
  • Corrosion or also
  • Wear.

Thermal protection should also be mentioned here. You know how it is – plastic products are stored in the sun or directly behind windows. The heat softens and bends the material. In these cases, thermal protection is provided by a polyurea coating for plastics.

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