Polyurea coating for pools

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Polyurea coating for pools

It’s a dream come true when you brave the heat and harsh rays of the sun for the first time in your own private pool. However, the cool water in your own garden must also meet some conditions and basic requirements. Many of these can be easily implemented with a polyurea coating for pools.

For example, corrosion protection and impact resistance are strengthened or even made possible in the first place by the application of a polyurea coating. But polyurea coating has its advantages not only in newly built pools. Especially for pool renovation, such a coating is a cost-efficient alternative to, for example, foils due to the simplicity of the application process.

Polyurea coatings for pool renovation and new construction

When building a new swimming pool, you can give free rein to your own ideas and design ideas; when renovating, you can save money and still have a refreshingly cool oasis in your own garden.

Renovation of existing pools is usually the cost-saving option. Since it is not necessary to dig anew, but as a rule “only” to clean and usually also to repair, the costs remain within a manageable range. Polyurea coatings in such pools offer not only …

  • Osmosis protection,
  • short curing times and
  • a high resistance to chlorine, but also
  • a high crack bridging (keyword tightness).

If you choose the option of new pool construction, the use of a polyurea coating grants a great freedom of design compared to other options. Especially by adding individually composed color pigments to the polyurea coating of the pool, not only a personal touch is created in the play of colors, so you can create unique patterns.

What does a polyurea coating for pools do?

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, polyurea coatings in pools do a lot more. For example, they offer …

  • a high impact resistance,
  • a permanent jointless sealing and
  • a low layer density.

Optionally, anti-slip granules can also be incorporated into the polyurea coating. So nothing stands in the way of private bathing fun.

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