Polyurea coating for road markings

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Polyurea coating for road markings

Whether by day or night, in good or bad weather, in wind, rain, snow or hail – the driving speed and style should always be adapted to these conditions. Road markings coated with a polyurea coating are a great help in recognizing the road and important directional signs on it despite all adversities.

These polyurea-coated pavement markings defy weather conditions, no matter how harsh. Road surfaces and roadway environments can be as varied as weather conditions. Road and pavement engineers must always be careful to find the right pavement for the right use. You don’t have this problem with a polyurea coating for road markings, because it can be used universally on all road surfaces.

Road marking – enhanced by polyurea coatings

Road markings are always more affected by vehicles than, for example, the regular road surface (asphalt, concrete). This is simply because the markings are applied only superficially. At this exposed location, they have direct contact with all the weather caprices described above on the one hand, and with the vehicles on the other. The cars, trucks or motorcycles rub the lane markings off the road, the surface in parking lots or underground garages when driving, accelerating and especially when braking.

A major threat to the longevity of pavement markings is the spreading of salt in winter. As much as it reduces the formation of road ice, the sodium chloride is not good for the markings. It literally “eats” the markings. The protective polyurea coating can successfully prevent this erosion. The one-time additional financial expense due to the coating saves communities, municipalities and cities a lot of money in the long run.

Where are polyurea coatings useful and why?

Wherever drivers rely on the visual aid of pavement markings on roadways, garage floors or other surfaces, importance is placed on their durability and visibility. Examples of applications for polyurea coatings for road markings are …

  • Streets,
  • Airports,
  • Tunnel,
  • Bridges,
  • Passes,
  • Ferries or also
  • Car washes.

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