Polyurea coating for swimming pools

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Polyurea coating for swimming pools

A cool drink, a shady umbrella and a swimming pool or a pool filled with cool water – so summer can come. Many pool builders today take advantage of the outstanding properties of a polyurea coating. Not only is 100 percent impermeability an important argument, there are many other advantages to using a polyurea coating in a swimming pool.

What applies to the private pool landscape, of course, also applies to all pools in public outdoor and fun pools.

Advantages of polyurea coatings in swimming pools

Basically, swimming pools or pools are currently sealed with two different variants – with a pool liner and a polyurea coating. The polyurea coating in particular has a number of advantages. These are …

  • the 100 percent sealing,
  • the insulation,
  • the corrosion protection,
  • the protection of the basin from soil-related external influences such as chemicals,
  • the protection against abrasion,
  • the elongation strength of the material,
  • the impact resistance,
  • the methodological advantages of spray coating,
  • the possibility of adding color pigments if desired and
  • the possibility of repairing concrete cracks through the polyurea coating and thus rehabilitating them.

Out of this long list of benefits of a polyurea coating for swimming pools, the abrasion protection and impact resistance are worth highlighting. Swimming pools and pools usually have very sensitive filtration systems. The less abrasion is sucked in there, the longer this system remains undamaged. The impact strength combined with the stretch resistance of polyurea prevents small splinters or even larger cracks from forming. Renovating these often swallows up vast sums of money.

Applications of polyurea coatings for swimming pools

Water for swimming pools, especially if it is enriched with chlorine or similar substances, should be well sealed. “Containers” for large-scale water storage such as …

  • Swimming pool,
  • Swimming pools,
  • Swimming pools,
  • Tanks,
  • Pools or also
  • Aquariums

… can be colored individually and according to personal wishes by means of a polyurea coating. For this purpose, commercially available color pigments are mixed into the polyurea coating so that the desired play of colors appears on the bottom of the pool or swimming pool.

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