Polyurea coating for tanks

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Polyurea coating for tanks

Whether intended for transportation or storage (above or below ground), tanks are an effective means of storing large quantities of liquids as well as powders in a well-sealed manner. Always in mind with tanks are cost-reducing longevity and a reduction in storage risk. Often, tanks store not only harmless water, but also highly toxic or even environmentally harmful substances.

A polyurea coating for tanks promises a high level of safety here. After application, polyurea adheres to any shape and any substrate. In the process, the material hardens quickly. Thus, the tanks can be used again immediately after spraying.

Tanks are almost ubiquitous

As oversized containers, tanks can be found in many places. As different as their areas of application are, so are the requirements for their safety and tightness. It also plays a major role in legal frameworks whether water or a hazardous substance is stored/transported in a tank.

Tanks, for which a polyurea coating has many advantages, can be found …

  • under gas stations,
  • in refineries,
  • on oil platforms,
  • in the chemical industry,
  • in logistic storage centers,
  • for agricultural enterprises or also
  • on trucks.

Important for these tanks are the requirements of the WHG, the Water Resources Act. In simple terms, this requires that environmentally hazardous or even toxic substances cannot contaminate the soil and the groundwater in it. This requirement for tank tightness can be met with a polyurea coating.

Which tanks can be usefully provided with a polyurea coating?

Seamless sealing of tanks welded together is one of the most important performances of a polyurea coating. The smooth surface thus created provides protection against abrasion, is chemically resistant and maintains surface integrity even against impact. Used this high-quality coating for …

  • Storage tanks,
  • Transportation tanks,
  • Underground tanks,
  • Rectangular tanks,
  • Cylinder tanks,
  • Steel battery tanks or also
  • Heating oil tanks.

A polyurea coating is considered an excellent preventive measure against material fatigue.

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