Polyurea coatings for the food industry

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Polyurea coatings for the food industry

“Everything comes together in the stomach” – so goes an old folk saying. That’s why, because ultimately everything that is produced and used in the food industry ends up in us, production plants make sure that their floors, for example, are coated with polyurea in such a way that no soil abrasion gets into the food. Hygiene standards and occupational safety are two of many other benefits that a polyurea coating brings to the food industry and therefore ultimately to all of us.

Polyurea coatings are also used outside production plants, i.e. in processing companies or restaurants, on the one hand for hygienic reasons and on the other hand for reasons of tightness. For example, in many restaurants, decorative aquariums or even indoor fish tanks for fresh fish preparation are lined with a polyurea coating.

Advantages of polyurea coating

It is not without reason that a coating using polyurea is considered one of the highest safety and hygiene standards within the food industry. The seamless and seam-free surface coating is important for the in-house transport of foodstuffs by lift trucks or forklifts. This subtracts a bump and trip hazard. This jointlessness also has a very positive effect on the tightness of the floor. This prevents liquids from seeping into the ground unintentionally. It is also an advantage during cleaning if no joints, seams or even cracks offer a refuge for dangerous bacteria.

The topic of occupational safety is also important in the food industry. Here, particularly sharp objects are often handled – a misstep due to slipping can have fatal consequences here. Therefore, incorporating slip-minimizing granules into the polyurea coating offers slip-resistant benefits for the food industry.

Fields of application of polyurea coatings

Not all food establishments are the same. The first processes solids such as meat, the second spreads materials such as grain or flour, and the third works with liquids. For example, within the food industry, polyurea coatings can be found …

  • in slaughterhouses,
  • for bottling plants,
  • in breweries,
  • with farmers,
  • at lemonade manufacturers,
  • in drinking water pipelines or also
  • in tanks for freshly caught fish.

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