Polyurea coating for vehicles

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Polyurea coating for vehicles

Vehicles not only consist of moving and thus abrasive parts, their surfaces are also exposed to the airstream and all kinds of weather and atmospheric influences. Corrosion (rust) is one of the biggest hurdles to long service life for predominantly metal vehicles.

To be prepared for all these adversities, a polyurea coating for vehicles helps immensely. Polyurea is combined by means of a sophisticated spray system of isocyanate compounds and aliphatic amines. The two components bond very quickly and immediately exhibit very good chemical resistance, special tear strength and yet high elasticity. The main advantage of using polyurea as a coating material for vehicles is that it provides a protective coating against corrosion (caused by chemical oxidation).

Polyurea coating as protection in a car wash

Vehicles that you drive privately or out of professional necessity get dirty in the course of this process. In car washes, especially in car washes, attempts are made to deal with these contaminants by means of chemical culls and mechanically abrading fins.

A polyurea coating on the surface of vehicles helps to prevent dirt, grime or even bird excrement from eating into the paint, and also makes it easier to remove the impurities. And a polyurea coating also protects the paint against the negative effects of cleaning processes.

Polyurea coating for new vehicles and vehicle refurbishments

Many people immediately think of a car when they hear the word “polyurea coating for vehicles”. At the same time, a polyurea coating can be applied to other types of vehicles. Among them, in addition to cars …

  • Motorcycles,
  • Buses,
  • Trains,
  • Aircraft,
  • Trucks,
  • Trucks,
  • Bicycles or even
  • the loading areas of vans or pick-up trucks.

The advantages of a polyurea coating become apparent both directly after the purchase of a new vehicle and during repairs or vehicle refurbishment. Crack bridging, for example, helps ensure that crack enlargement and rust formation can be addressed cost-effectively.

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