Polyurea coating for wastewater treatment plants

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Polyurea coatings for wastewater treatment plants

Every German uses an average of 122 liters of water per day. We drink only 3 to 5 of them, the rest goes from the tap on small detours into the canal and from there directly into the sewage treatment plant. If we include so-called virtual water, i.e. all the water consumed by industry, agriculture and public agencies (e.g. garden offices), the per capita consumption of water in Germany rises to 4,000 liters per day.

All over Germany, billions of liters of wastewater thus flow into the purification and clarification tanks of water treatment plants every day. The water is full of excreta, industrial chemical substances, soaps and much more. The tanks in a wastewater treatment plant have to withstand this mix of various liquids and also larger solids. To ensure mechanical as well as chemical resistance and tightness, many operators use polyurea coatings for wastewater treatment plants.

Advantages of a polyurea coating for wastewater treatment plants

As already mentioned at the beginning, the substances to be cleaned and filtered out in a wastewater treatment plant pose great challenges to the surface of the basins. These can be well mastered with a Poyurea coating. For example, a polyurea coating for sewage treatment plants grants …

  • a high impact resistance,
  • a high tightness,
  • a chemical resistance and
  • a high load limit under mechanical stress (large agitators).

Polyurea as a coating for sewage treatment plants can be applied to new buildings, as well as used in a renovation. Another advantage of the working material comes into play during renovation. It perfectly seals cracks or other damage that threatens the structural integrity and tightness.

Environmental protection idea

Especially the tightness ensures that no substance, biological or chemical, can escape and enter the environment in an uncontrolled way. Thus, a polyurea coating for sewage treatment lines makes a particularly efficient and effective contribution to environmental protection.

Polyurea coatings are used in all wastewater treatment plant components. For example, in …

  • Biogas reactors,
  • Sewage tanks,
  • Septic tanks,
  • sewers and
  • Tanks.

The coating ensures compliance with the WHG limits.

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