Polyurea coating for water slides

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Polyurea coating for water slides

Both public outdoor, fun and indoor pools as well as private pools or lagoon landscapes are enhanced by a water slide. In this way, the idea of relaxation is paired with a high fun factor.

A polyurea coating for water slides not only enables higher speeds during sliding, but also, apart from the advantages for bathers, a large number of them for the owners. These include, among other things, the high resistance to weathering and very good resistance to impact. Especially when refurbishing water slides that have been in use for a long time, a polyurea coating offers the possibility to quickly work away cracks.

Seamlessness as a great advantage due to polyurea coatings

Polyurea coating for water slides offers a very special advantage. It can be applied seamlessly and, especially in the case of water slides, thus provides the pleasure of making the otherwise often painful transitions between components mirror-smooth. This is especially easy on the shoulders, hips and ankles.

Jointlessness also has huge advantages in terms of tightness. Thus, the material of the slide is not attacked by penetrated water, and seeping water does not disturb visitors, nor does it promote oxidation of metal components in the support corset of the water slide.

Advantages of polyurea coating for water slides

In summary, polyurea coating for water slides has only advantages. The most important of these are …

  • the resulting resistance to weathering,
  • the high UV stability,
  • the perfect tunability of the slip behavior by adding certain substances,
  • the both flexible and resistant coating and also
  • the factor that refurbishments can be made particularly cost-efficient.

Polyurea coatings for renovations and new buildings

They say “prevention is better than rework,” but sometimes it’s due to certain circumstances that all you can do is rehabilitate or demolish water slides. For those who decide to renovate a water slide, experts often advise polyurea coating. Apart from the advantages of the material properties, it is the price that speaks in favor of the coating.

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