Polyurea coating for wood

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Polyurea coating for wood

Wood as a renewable resource has always been and will always be one of the most popular materials for building and erecting walls, floors or entire houses. At the same time, a wide variety of wood species, such as birch, oak or mahogany, have the most diverse material properties.

Many people prefer wood as a building material because it allows nature to find its way into their own four walls – and they are still protected from the adversities triggered by wind and weather. This wood on walls, floors or processed into furniture can be not only protected by a polyurea coating, but its life span can be extended by keeping away harmful influences from the outside.

Polyurea coatings refine the natural material wood

The natural properties make wood an easy to work with and pleasant material. However, the wood also reveals some negative properties, which can be compensated by the polyurea coating. The result is a combination that promises a number of advantages, especially when it comes to wet conditions.

So that you can use wood in bathrooms or on terraces, a polyurea coating offers the advantages of making the wood …

  • impermeable to water,
  • safe from mold,
  • seamless and
  • crack-free

… to make. The coating significantly extends the life of the material wood. Water softens wood. Thus, abrasion specifically becomes a problem during use. A polyurea coating for this wood means that wood wear does not occur as quickly.

Application of coated wood

Wood coated with polyurea can be used in many private as well as public places. The combination of naturalness and perfect waterproofing using the latest technology is used, for example, …

  • in the case of crack bridging,
  • in the waterproofing of wooden walls,
  • for wooden floors,
  • for wood (intermediate) ceilings,
  • on terrace floors,
  • at cozy garden cottages,
  • in wooden swimming pools,
  • in rustic woodenzubern or also quite practical
  • on wooden ships.

A polyurea coating makes wood resistant to chemicals above all else.

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