Roof coating with polyurea

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Roof coating with polyurea

Not everything good always comes from above. Snow, rain, hail, but also wind and hot sun rays can be very hard on a roof. The roof of a house is, so to speak, the first line of defense against the effects of storms or other weather phenomena. An excellent option for protection is roof coating with polyurea.

Roofs have different shapes in Germany. These are as follows:

  • Gable roof
  • Hipped roof
  • Pent roof
  • Flat roof
  • Mansard roof

Applying a roof coating with polyurea is, of course, easiest on a flat roof. Due to the rapid curing of polyurea, however, even slightly sloping roof angles can be equipped with it without any problems.

Advantages of roof coating with polyurea for industry

Flat roofs are still rather the exception in single-family houses. However, they are the rule for many industrial buildings. This is especially true because it allows you to make additional use of the storage space on the roof, and cleaning is easier with a flat roof.

When using an industrial flat roof for storing heavy components, pallets or other materials, the roof should be well protected. Damage caused by forklifts or pallet trucks can lead to cracks through which water can penetrate.

A flat roof coating with polyurea not only makes such a roof all-weather resistant, the surface is also well protected against mechanical abrasion from lift trucks or similar vehicles. Polyurea not only manages to repair existing cracks, but also to prevent new ones from forming.

Polyurea roof coating for healthcare facilities

Many healthcare facilities such as hospitals or senior residences, no matter what the roof shape, should be well protected from above – cue helipad. In addition, the seepage water can create a damp environment not only in the ceilings, but also in the walls. Unfortunately, this is the ideal breeding ground for mold.

Patients who are already struggling can suffer further physical harm from mold. Therefore, it makes high sense to have roof coatings made with polyurea specifically for healthcare facilities.

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